Health Tower is a hand sanitizer tower dispenser with the main aim of combining practicality and design while reducing environmental impact

Elegant Design

With a single steel or aluminum tower you can have a no-touch dispenser, providing gel hand sanitizer, single-use disposable gloves, trashcan, numbered ticket dispenser, and infrared thermometer with access control system.

Thanks to its simple and elegant design it is possible to customize design features such as finishes, colors, logos, and texts.

The tower can be placed in every corner of your office to make your room safe and protected: its base takes up less than 25cm in diameter and it is available either with rechargeable batteries or plug-in.

In addition, its unique design allows for a wide range of uses. The Health Tower will help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but it will also be useful in the future since you can choose between an extended range of accessories and combinations.

Environmental Sustainability

The Health Tower combines a sleek design with a focus on a sustainable future. Its structure is built with either steel or aluminum in order to give the base a recyclability of more than 90%.

A Safe Solution

The Health Tower has been designed and built for you and your clients’ health and safety. Its practical design and its innovative technology minimizes space and gives the maximum results. Every dispenser is provided with:

  • a professional no-touch, automatic gel hand sanitizer dispenser powered by a photocell;
  • a gel hand sanitizer container with a capacity of up to 5 liters;
  • single-use disposable glove dispenser for personal protection;
  • a trashcan for separate waste collection of used latex gloves.

    Furthermore, it is possible to customize the Health Tower both in its design and in its equipment. It is possible to ask for an infrared thermometer with face recognition access control and a numbered ticket dispenser to be installed.